Today we will discuss the top best supplement which is required in your fat loss journey, we all know that the main key in your fitness goal is diet, whether it’s fat loss or weight gain but using the right supplements will maximize your results and help you to achieve your desirable physic faster so here are some top supplement stacks which you can use in your daily diet to increase the fat loss process.

Best Supplement Stack During Fat Loss

These are the supplement stack you need to use during your fat loss journey to maximize your result.

one thing you need to understand that when you are on the fat loss programme your calorie has to be deficit without this you will not going to see major changes in your body.

I will share the detail information about each one of them as well as the benefits and dosage.

1. Whey Protein Isolate

Dymatize Whey Protein Isolate

As we all know that when we workout, we tear our muscles and to recover that we need protein so that muscle can be rebuilt.

It’s kind of hard to fulfil our protein intake through diet, Now supplement comes into play to complete your requirement.

But you need to use only Whey Protein Isolate and avoid Blend or Concentrate protein it is because Isolate protein is Fat, carb, sugar, and lactose-free and you need to avoid these 4 things in your whole fat loss journey.

You can pick any brand but make sure it should be authentic if you want to compare different proteins so you can visit my Top 10 Best Protein Powders article.

Take one scoop of whey protein isolates within 30 minutes after the workout with water.

2. L-Carnitine

Dymatize L-Carnitine

When you are on a caloric deficit and do heavy cardio so there are more chances of muscle loss.

L-Carnitine plays an important role in your fat loss goal, it will keep your body into anabolic during the workout to give you energy.

it converts your fat into fuel when you are on a calorie deficit and provides you energy to lift the weight.

You can use this supplement twice a day, empty stomach and pre-workout. you can consume 500mg to 1500mg per serving per day and make sure you drink as much water as you can.

3. CLA Weight Loss Support

Muscle pharma CLA Weight Loss Support

There are plenty of fat burner available in market that claims instant fat loss but they all make you sick and might gave you bad impact on your heart.

CLA Weight Loss Support is a natural fat burner that you can use to increase the fat loss process.

It also contains omega-6, which is an amazing essential to increase the fat loss process

You can consume 1gm of CLA after breakfast and dinner with normal water.


Optimum Nutrition BCAA

BCAA is known as a branched-chain amino acid which is also a very important supplement during fat loss.

It helps to keep your body in anabolic state and prevent muscle loss during a heavy workout session.

Its a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. some study proves that it s beneficial for liver disease as well.

It decreases muscle soreness and makes you energetic to lift heavy during your workout session.

you can use 1 scoop of BCAA with 300 ml of water and sip it during your workout.

5. Multivitamin

Muscleblaze Multivitamin

Multivitamin is a basic supplement which is important for every person who has an active lifestyle whether it’s male or female.

it fulfils our daily vitamin and minerals intake which we can’t complete though our diet, some people face skin issues, pimple issues, and hair fall issues due to lack of vitamins.

Also, it is good for your Heart, reduces cancer risk, Boosts immunity and Supports eye health.

If you have any concern to choose the best multivitamin for you so you can check out my article of Best Multivitamin.

6. Fish oil Soft-gel

Optimum Nutrition Fish oil

Fish oil again an important supplement which required in our day to day life, it contains Omega-3 fatty acid which maximizes the fat loss results.

It also prevents your body from Eye, skin, and pimple issues also it is very beneficial for the liver as well.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that are important in preventing heart disease and mental disorder.

you can consume 1 tablet a day anytime with lot’s of water and vegetarian people can use Flex seed oil capsule instead of Fish oil.

So, these are the best basic supplement stack which helps you to lose fat in no time, make sure your workout is on point, do cardio at least 30 minutes after the workout on daily basis to maximize the results. please make sure that patience is the key, you will not see the results in days but once you get it will be worthwhile. you can also comment below for more information and share your feedback.

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